Slow down to find a renewed sense of joy and aliveness.

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Experience deep quietude.

Longevity Massage
Tailored just for you. A combination of massage modalities to de-stress and unwind all of your tight, achy muscles, leaving you relaxed and refreshed.

Aromatherapy Massage
Aromatherapy is an ancient healing practice of using essential (distilled) plant oils to support optimal well-being. Essential oils can help bring balance to physical, emotional and spiritual energies. Our aromatherapy blends are proudly made in-house. They smell delightful and are intentionally blended with multiple healing properties. Your therapist will help you choose the one that is right for you. Check out our house-made aromatherapy line here.

Hot Stone Massage
The pressure of your choice combined with heated stones. longevity-moonroom-075-brokenbanjo.jpgHeated massage is very soothing and allows your muscles to relax more quickly. Allow the healing powers of the ocean to sink deep under your skin as our stones are gathered from local beaches.  Perfect for sore muscles and those who can never seem to get warm enough.

Pregnancy Massage
Whether you’re newly pregnant or about to give birth, our therapists are skilled and knowledgeable to relax and release the tensions that come along with expecting a baby.

Foot Reflexology
Reflexology is a therapy based on the belief that there are points on the feet (and hands and ears) that stimulate the functions of different parts of the body including the glands and the organs. Reflexology is most often used as a preventative therapy that aims to soothe the nervous system, reduce stress, improve circulation, and create the optimum internal environment for balanced energy, rest and recovery. In this way the body can draw on its natural ability to heal itself. Also perfect for those who simply love to have their feet massaged.Close your eyes and breathe

Rejuvenating Face Massage
Close your eyes and breathe deep while receiving our specialized face massage, including head, neck and shoulders. With the focus on anti-aging and stress reduction, you’ll leave looking and feeling revitalized.

Our Rejuvenating Face Massage integrates Ayurvedic massage theories and techniques, aromatherapy, energy balancing and pressure point stimulation. The massage improves the health of the facial tissue and has a natural “facelift” effect.


Ayurvedic Massage
Rooted in ancient India’s loving respect and care for the body, this offering is balancing, beautifying, relaxing and awakening. Nurture yourself with this profound warm oil massage that pacifies the nervous system and gently detoxifies the body. Followed by soothing hot towels, this offering leaves your body deeply relaxed and your skin soft and supple. Each session is customized with an aromatherapy blend.

Energy Balancing Massage
Based on the practice of Ayurveda, which recognizes seven main chakras, or energy centers in the body. Each chakra can affect wellness and when one is blocked, do to stress or muscle tension, there is an imbalance, resulting in a diminished sense of well-being. We use a combination of massage, aromatherapy, guided visualization and energy work to inspire balance, harmony and well-being.

Couples Massage
Share a relaxing and therapeutic Longevity massage with a loved one! Two massages done at the same time. Perfect for lovers, and, also, for mothers and daughters or best friends. Call for availability.

Massage to Your Door
Our therapists are available to come to you! Experience the luxury of not having to drive to or from your massage. Group rates available. Call for availability.

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