Coming Out of Hibernation

Hello Spring

Magnolia blossoms celebrating the arrival of spring!

As soon as the days begin lengthening and the buds blooming we may feel the urge to start digging in the garden and planting seeds. 

But it’s still raining! 

If we dig in a garden when the earth is too wet, we run the risk of disturbing the soil structure and our plants won’t thrive. The same goes for cultivating our own inner gardens, we thrive best when active is balanced with passive. So how do we know when to “do” and when to simply “be”?

If we listen to the wisdom of nature, there is a time for everything, including pausing and gathering energy. Just like a garden, we can thrive if we embrace the timing of the season.

Prepare to Thrive

Three suggestions that will help you do the prep work for your inner garden to thrive.

1. Cleanse. Buy a bag of lemons. For a week, start your day with a glass of warm lemon water. Lemon is cleansing and uplifting. 

2. Exfoliate. Either purchase or make a salt scrub. This supports the skin’s detoxification process.

3. Pause. When you finish one “doing” and before moving to the next “doing”, take a pause by laying down. With arms over head, take deep belly breaths exhaling out your nose. (The exhale is the detoxifying breathe.) Notice your body’s vibration slow down. This is a key practice for nervous system health. By coming out of “fight or flight”, we can move into spacious relaxation.

By honoring nature’s timing we can be optimally prepared for the right time to take action. 

Buckets of liquid sunshine,


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